Sunday, January 15, 2012


From time to time I kick myself for not knowing certain commands that I take for granted.  Here they are

Description: Sometimes PIX PDM is inaccessible because the SSL key is corrupted or you setting up the PDF for the first time.  I found these sequence of commands useful

ca zero rsa
Hostname devicename
ca gen rsa key 2048
ca save all
show ca mypubkey rsa

Various other useful commands

show object-group service - Lists the servicesshow object-group - Lists all groups including services
show failover - shows the failover information
show version - shows the version including serial number of the PIX
show access-list – shows all access list even shows details within a groups
show access-list | inc TEXT – shows specific filtered results 
show access-list | beg TEXT - Shows the start of content beginning with what is contain in TEXT
sho config – shows the entire config
show config | inc TEXT – shows a filtered config
show config | beg TEXT - Shows the start of content beginning with what is contain in TEXT
show nat – lists NAT access-list

Troubleshooting commands

show arp
– shows the arp table (Layer 4)
– pings the ip addresses
show cpu usage
– show cpu utilization for 5 seconds, 1 minute and 5 minutes
show conn
– shows the connections table at the given time
show memory
– shows memory block
show xlate
– shows translation address (NAT) in memory
show processes
– shows different firewall processes
show static
– Shows static address
show route
– shows routing information
show logging
Shows all the alerts stored on the PIX (disappears when rebooted)

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