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COMMANDS: A Primer on Some of the Differences Between IOS and NX-OS

NX-OS is starting to be my favorite OS from Cisco.  However, dealing with IOS for so long I find myself typing the wrong commands in NX-OS and IOS.  So I thought of posting up the NX-OS v4.x commands with the IOS counterpart commands for all to see.

NX-OS Smart Call-Home IOS Smart Call-Home Command Description
show callhome show call-home Displays global Call-Home configuration
show callhome destination-profile show call-home profile Displays Call-Home profiles
show callhome transport-email show call-home mail-server Displays destination Call-Home mail server
show callhome user-def-cmds N/A Displays user defined "show" commands for output

NX-OS Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) IOS Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Command Description
show cdp all N/A Displays all interfaces with CDP enabled
show cdp entry all show cdp entry * Displays the CDP database entries
show cdp global show cdp Displays Global Parameters (Enabled, Timers, etc…)
show cdp interface show cdp interface Displays interface specific information
show cdp neighbors show cdp neighbors Displays a summer list of neighbors
show cdp neighbors detail show cdp neighbors detail Displays detailed information per neighbor
show cdp neighbors interface show cdp neighbors interface-type Displays CDP neighbor for a specified interface
show cdp traffic interface  N/A - "show cdp traffic" is only global Provides statistics on a per interface basis

NX-OS Command Scheduler IOS Command Scheduler Command Description
show scheduler config N/A Displays the scheduler configuration
show scheduler job N/A Displays the Jobs configured in the scheduler
show scheduler logfile N/A Displays the contents of the execution log file
show scheduler name N/A Displays the schedules configured

NX-OS Embedded Event Manager (EEM) IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM) Command Description
show event manager environment show event manager environment Displays EEM environment variables
show event manager event-type N/A Displays registered event types
show event manager history show event manager history Displays information on history and past events
show event manager policy N/A Displays applets or script policies
show event manager policy-state N/A Displays the state of a policy
show event manager script N/A Displays information about a script
show event manager system-policy show event manager policy Displays information on system default entries

NX-OS Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD) IOS Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD) Command Description
show diagnostics bootup level show diagnostics bootup level Displays current bootup level
show diagnostics content module  show diagnostics content module  Displays test contents for a specified module
show diagnostics description module  show diagnostics description module  Displays description for a specified diagnostic test
show diagnostic results module show diagnostic results module Displays information and result of a diagnostic
show diagnostic status module  show diagnostic status Displays test status for all tests on a module

NX-OS Netflow IOS Netflow Command Description
show flow exporter show mls nde Displays information about configured exporter maps
show flow interface N/A Displays interfaces configured for Netflow
show flow monitor N/A Displays information about monitor maps
show flow record N/A Displays information about record maps
show flow timeout N/A Displays the Netflow timeout value
show hardware flow aging show mls netflow aging Displays the Netflow table aging timeout value
show hardware flow entry show mls netflow ip flow Displays flow specific information
show hardware flow ip show mls netflow ip  Displays the IP Netflow Table
show hardware flow sampler show mls sampling Displays the Netflow Sampling Configuration
show hardware flow utilization module show mls netflow table summary Displays Netflow table utilization per module
show sampler show flow-sampler Displays information about sampler maps

NX-OS Onboard Fault Logging (OBFL) IOS Onboard Fault Logging (OBFL) Command Description
show logging onboard module # boot-uptime    show logging onboard module # uptime Displays OBFL boot and uptime information per module
show logging onboard module # counter-stats        N/A Displays OBFL counter statistics per module
show logging onboard module # device-version          N/A Displays OBFL device version information per module
show logging onboard module # endtime                 show logging onboard module # end Displays OBFL logs till end time mm/dd/yy-HH:MM:SS per module
show logging onboard module # environmental-history   show logging onboard module # temperature Displays OBFL environmental history per module
show logging onboard module # error-stats            N/A Displays OBFL error statistics per module
show logging onboard module # exception-log          N/A Displays OBFL exception log per module
show logging onboard module # interrupt-stats         show logging onboard module # interrupt Displays OBFL interrupt statistics per module
show logging onboard module # kernel-trace           N/A Displays OBFL Kernel Trace per module
show logging onboard module # module                N/A Displays OBFL information for Module per module
show logging onboard module # obfl-history          N/A Displays OBFL history information per module
show logging onboard module # stack-trace          N/A Displays OBFL kernel stack trace per module
show logging onboard module # starttime        show logging onboard module # start Displays OBFL logs from start time mm/dd/yy-HH:MM:SS per module
show logging onboard module # status              show logging onboard module # status Displays OBFL status enable/disable per module

NX-OS RMON IOS RMON Command Description
show rmon alarms show rmon alarms Displays configured RMON alarms
show rmon events show rmon events Displays configured RMON Events
show rmon hcalarms N/A Displays information for 64 bit alarms
show rmon logs show rmon history Displays RMON log messages

NX-OS SNMP IOS SNMP Command Description
show snmp show snmp Displays SNMP Counters, Users, Community Strings, etc...
show snmp community show snmp community Displays the SNMP community strings
show snmp context show snmp context Displays the SNMP Context mapping
show snmp engineID show snmp engineID Displays Hex and Decimal SNMP Engine ID
show snmp group show snmp group Displays configured SNMP groups/roles
show snmp host show snmp host Displays Host specific information
show snmp sessions show snmp sessions Displays active SNMP sessions
show snmp trap N/A Displays what traps are enabled
show snmp user show snmp user Displays SNMP users and notification targets (v3)

NX-OS Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) IOS Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) Command Description
show monitor session # show monitor session # Displays a specific sSPAN session
show monitor session all show monitor session all Displays all SPAN sessions
show monitor range #-# show monitor range #-# Displays a range of specified SPAN sessions

NX-OS Logging (Syslog) IOS Logging (Syslog) Command Description
show logging show logging Displays how logging is configured with log
show logging info N/A Displays how logging is configured without log
show logging last # N/A Displays the last "#" of log messages
show logging level N/A Displays the Facility, Default Severity, and Configured Severity
show logging logfile N/A Displays all of the Syslog information
show logging module N/A Displays the module logging configuration
show logging monitor N/A Displays the monitor logging configuration
show logging nvram N/A Displays the Severity 0, 1, and 2 message stored in NVRAM
show logging server N/A Displays information for each configured syslog server
show logging timestamp N/A Displays the configured timestamp for log messages

NX-OS NTP IOS NTP Command Description
show ntp peers show ntp associations Displays what NTP peers are configured
show ntp peer-status show ntp status (not on a peer basis) Shows the status of each NTP peer
show ntp source N/A Displays the source IP address for the NTP service
show ntp statistics peer ipaddr x.x.x.x N/A Show statistics for each NTP peer
show ntp timestamp-status N/A Displays if the timestamp check is enabled

NX-OS XML IOS XML Command Description
show xml server logging N/A Displays XML Logging
show xml server status N/A Displays XML Server Status

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